Cam Mountain on Phu Quy Island

Cam Mountain, standing at a height of 108 meters, is the tallest mountain on Phu Quy Island. It is home to the island’s lighthouse, which was built in 1996 and stands at a height of 28 meters to facilitate maritime navigation for boats in the area.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain on a motorbike, one can freely leave the bike behind without anyone watching and start climbing. About 120 stone steps, made of natural rocks and occasionally accompanied by stone benches for resting, lead the way up.

While there was a lighthouse on the island during the French colonial period, it was located in a different position. The current Phu Quy Lighthouse was built in 1997 and has been closely associated with the place ever since, except for a four-year period when I had to work elsewhere.

The Phu Quy Lighthouse is among the youngest of the 92 lighthouses scattered throughout the country from north to south. However, it is one of the largest in size. Its light has a range of 20 nautical miles (almost 40 km), and its geographic visibility extends to 28 nautical miles. The lighthouse tower is 18 meters tall. Its geographical coordinates are 10 degrees 3205″ north latitude, 108 degrees 5507″ east longitude. The lighthouse is fully automated, using solar energy and equipped with 24 batteries. When natural light weakens, the light will automatically turn on, and the lighthouse will continuously rotate without pause.

The main lighthouse, enclosed in a sturdy glass cage, is located at the highest point. Each side of the cage measures 2 meters. A smaller auxiliary light is placed at the courtyard at the base of the main tower. Standing on the tower, the wind blows gently, sometimes giving the sensation that it could carry one away with it. The solar panel system is securely attached to the concrete structure, ensuring its stability. From the lighthouse tower, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Phu Quy Island, its houses, structures, mountains, and beaches. The vast expanse of the blue sea is adorned with white wind turbines, distant and nearby fishing boats, creating a charming and captivating sight.

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