Trieu Duong Bay

Trieu Duong Bay is located in Tam Thanh commune, about 1km from Phu Quy port, with a coastline of about 2km, there is a long smooth white sand beach and clear blue sea water. In the distance, there are rows of murmuring blue fern, blending with the sound of waves crashing, creating a poetic wafting sound that captivates and holds visitors. The landscape here is very beautiful with the rows of coconuts with fruit drooping in the afternoon, along with the mysterious wildness, quiet space, fresh and cool climate, creating a of a romantic and charming natural picture.

Trieu Duong Bay is not only an ideal destination for island residents but also the choice of “come without wanting to go” of tourists everywhere. This place is suitable for swimming, camping, organizing outdoor activities, partying… and enjoying beautiful moments from sunset afternoons or dawn sunlight every morning. This is the place to gather and play of Phu Quy people on holidays, Tet… If the morning here is quiet, the afternoon will be noisy and lively with cheerful voices of family gatherings and the afternoon are crowded, filled with guests enjoying the sand, the sea, relaxing your heart, getting rid of your troubles, the pressure of life, comfortably enjoying the cool air and vast blue ocean scene.

Visitors coming here will feel interesting and impressed when enjoying the melodies singing together among the rows of blue fern of family groups of the islanders. From noon until afternoon, groups of families gather, cluster here, each group of about a dozen people carrying food, water, seafood along with portable speakers, karaoke systems, laptop, song books… and so on, each song resounded, bustling throughout the large fern rows area.

Many other families also contribute in the same way, and just like that the immense vast space of the sea becomes unusually fun, lively and attractive in a jiff. Each of strangers passing by they realized, just because of the a bit different
dress. The waving of the local people, the invitations, a passionate fist… make visitors from far away feel welcome,
joyful, happy and feel the human love of islanders.

Those who once set foot in Trieu Duong Bay, Phu Quy district, remember the poem saying about the specialty here “Trieu Duong with fresh water and delicious coconut”.

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