Trieu Duong Beach – An ideal destination for camping, swimming, and checking in

Trieu Duong Beach is located in Trieu Duong Bay, Tam Thanh Commune, Phu Quy District, Binh Thuan Province. It is about 1km away from Phu Quy Port and is an ideal destination for international tourists to camp, swim, and check-in during the enchanting sunsets.

Phu Quy District has constructed a system of wave-breaking embankments around Trieu Duong Bay to protect Trieu Duong Beach and provide shelter for boats during rough seas and strong winds, making Trieu Duong Beach an ideal check-in spot for tourists in the late afternoon.

The late afternoon at Trieu Duong Bay is the best time to immerse yourself in the cool, refreshing blue seawater, with gentle waves creating a relaxing and pleasant sensation. The sparkling white sand glistens under the gentle sunlight, and the salty sea breeze makes one feel refreshed and comfortable, especially when the sunset paints a beautiful picture of the peaceful fishing village of Phu Quy.

Trieu Duong Bay

The distinctive feature of Trieu Duong Bay is its changing shape throughout the seasons. With two prevailing winds, the North Wind and the South Wind, the area is both pristine and romantic. During the North Wind season, the weather can be harsh on the island, with strong gusts of wind coming from the direction of Long Hai, only to become gentle breezes once they pass the barrier of Ong Dun Mountain. Therefore, the sea here remains calm and clear. Standing at the foot of Ong Dun Mountain, looking towards Phu Quy Port, you can see the bay stretching out, embracing the vast blue sea. The bay during this season resembles a mother embracing her beloved child in her womb. When the South Wind season arrives, the gentle breezes carry the warm scent of the ocean, and the sea waves caress the bay’s shores, creating beautiful curves like those of a youthful girl.

In the past, human footprints were rarely seen on the sandy beach, except for the hurried steps of fishermen going to sea for their daily livelihoods. Nowadays, with the development of the economy, culture, and society, the island residents have more opportunities to enjoy spiritual life, overcome the struggles of daily life, and come to nature to find peace, friendliness, and enjoy the fresh air. Therefore, it is not known when the model of ecotourism combined with outdoor activities here has become a cultural feature of the spiritual life of the island’s residents. With the advantage of a vast golden sandy beach, the expansive blue sea with clear waters and visible coral reefs, and the rows of casuarina trees providing shade along the coastline, visitors can also see Hon Tranh – the second-largest island among the nine islands of Phu Quy – as a picturesque landscape right before their eyes. Everything blends together to create a sense of tranquility.

During weekends or holidays, Trieu Duong Bay is always the ideal choice for most residents on the island. People gather here to enjoy the fresh air, witness the sunrise over the sea, listen to the breathing of the casuarina forest, immerse themselves in nature, play with the waves, and chase each other on the golden sand under the sunset’s glow. They sing, dance, and share interesting stories in life that they find fascinating, sharing joy and happiness with one another.

Development Potential of Trieu Duong Beach

If you have the chance to visit Trieu Duong Beach on a beautiful day, you should gather there to have conversations, have delicious barbecue feasts, and enjoy together and get tipsy. The locals will serve tourists with specialties such as grilled rice paper and Phu Quy seafood.

In the near future, developing a community tourism model in Trieu Duong Bay that combines outdoor activities, boat tours, and various seafood culinary experiences will transform this place into the liveliest spot in Phu Quy.”

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