Bai Nho – Ganh Hang

Phu Quy not only has mysterious Cao Cat mountains, poetic Trieu Duong Bay or peaceful Hon Tranh, but this place also makes visitors fall in love with the pristine and charming beauty of Bai Nho – Ganh Hang due to nature favorably donated.

About 4km from Phu Quy port, Bai Nho – Ganh Hang tourist area with an area of about 20 hectares is an attractive destination for tourists by its peaceful and poetic beauty.

Ganh Hang impresses visitors with superb cliffs close to the sea with many different shapes and colors due to the lava mark of volcanic eruptions before; all year round are the waves crashing into white foam, creating a magnificent natural spectacle; Bai Nho is located at the foot of the hill, captivates viewers with a small, pure and white crescent-shaped sandy beach that creates an extremely poetic picture. On the hill, there is Phu Quy flagpole standing superb and proud in front of the sea, the flagpole was built in 2015 with a height of 45m above sea level, is a symbol affirming sovereignty over the sea and islands of Vietnam, is a traditional living place for the young generation, is a wonderful sunrise viewpoint on the island.

Here, there is a combination of strong, graceful, gentle, harmonious and mutual opposites to create an unexpectedly suitable natural scene; both brings a wild, rustic, idyllic beauty, and contains an extraordinarily lyrical and attractive space. The sea water at Bai Nho – Ganh Hang is not only blue as if wanting to blend with the sky, but it was also clear, allowing you to admire the beautiful coral reefs on the seabed and even when standing on the shore. On the sandy beach, it is adorned with crude black rocks with many strange shapes as if reaching out to the sea, creating an extremely wild, mysterious, airy scene.

When the sun rises, the yellow rays of sunshine make the sea surface radiant, sparkling as if covered with a layer of iridescent glitter, combined with the vastness of mountains, clouds and sky makes the soul of the person in sight feel like fluttering, strangely peaceful. In particular, under the miraculous hand of the nature, the large cliffs are also connected to form a depression in the sea, which many people love to call the unique “saltwater pool” that you will cannot be found on other beaches around the island.

There are no fishermen here, also few boats anchored, the most pristine things are still preserved, so the natural environment is surprisingly clean, this is a seemingly simple feature but very difficult to see in other tourist areas on the island. With the advantage of being clear blue sea water, soaking in the sea to relax the body, playing with the white waves rushing to the shore or diving into the deep sea to see the colorful coral reefs… are definitely activities that you cannot ignore. Or simply sit on the cliffs to see the beautiful natural scenery around or lie on the grass on the hill to enjoy the fresh, airy air of Bai Nho – Ganh Hang and return to childhood by imagining the shapes of clouds in a blue sky that make you also fascinated and do not want to leave.

Or you can also wake up early in the morning to watch the sparkling beauty of the dawn and linger at sunset to immerse yourself in the fanciful scenery, and enjoy the soft murmuring sound like a concert music of the waves, it will be a beautiful memory that you will never forget.

Bai Nho – Ganh Hang in Phu Quy with sea and sky, hills and weeds, will give you a feeling of being dissolved into nature, dispel many sorrows of hustle life. So you should not hesitate but come here to explore and experience.

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