Book high-speed ferry tickets from Phu Quy to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

After a period of traveling or working in Phu Quy, passengers can book high-speed ferry tickets from Phu Quy to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan to continue exploring the land of sun and wind.

Travel time by high-speed ferry from Phu Quy to Phan Thiet

Phu Quy Island (Binh Thuan) is approximately 56 nautical miles away from the mainland (Phan Thiet City). With Phu Quoc Express high-speed ferry running at a speed of 28-30 knots, you can enjoy a plate of “goi ca mai” (a local fish salad) in this coastal city within just 2 hours.

It is worth mentioning that currently, the only means of transportation for visitors to travel to and from Phu Quy Island is by high-speed ferry, as there are no helicopter or commercial airplane flights to the island. Therefore, the high-speed ferry is the exclusive mode of transportation for passengers traveling between the mainland and Phu Quy Island.

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Guide to booking high-speed ferry tickets from Phu Quy to Phan Thiet

Step 1: Customers can book tickets online via Zalo/Phone/Text to the following numbers: 088 921 1234 – 088 927 1234 – 088 937 1234.

You can choose the departure and destination points, round trip or one-way, date and time (departure date, return date), and the number of accompanying passengers and children.

The information you need to provide includes: Full name, ID/Passport number, Date of birth, Place of birth.

Step 2: We will send you the total amount to be paid and the payment method. After making the payment, please send us the PAYMENT RECEIPT or RECEIPT through the agency/advisor.

Step 3: Once you have made the payment, we will send the ticket back to you via Zalo or the contact method you provided earlier.

The high-speed ferry ticket for Phan Thiet to Phu Quy is an electronic ticket, which can be stored on your phone and presented to the ticket control staff on the ferry for QR code scanning to board the ferry.

Phu Quy High-Speed Boat Ticket Prices

  • Economy (Regular) Ticket 310,000 VND/way
  • VIP Ticket 460,000 VND/way
  • Senior Citizens/Children Ticket 250,000 VND/way
  • Disabled Person Ticket 215,000 VND/way
  • Local Residents Ticket 300,000 VND/way


  • Children (6-11 years old) and senior citizens (over 60 years old) are eligible for the Economy discount according to the company’s policy.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Children under 6 years old or less than 1.2m in height, when sharing a seat with accompanying adults, are free of charge for boarding.
  • The ticket prices above are for one-way travel from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy or from Phu Quy to Phan Thiet.

Choosing a high-speed ferry on the Phu Quy – Phan Thiet route

Currently, there are several ferry companies operating on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy inland waterway route, including Phu Quoc Express, Superdong, Phu Quy Express, and Chan Kha Phu Quy. Among them, the largest dual-hull high-speed ferry in Vietnam operated by Phu Quoc Express is the Trung Trac ferry. It has a capacity of up to 598 passengers and is made of a sturdy aluminum alloy measuring 47m in length and 12m in width. It is equipped with 4 x 12V4000M53 ROLLS ROYCE engines, capable of reaching speeds of 35-37 knots. The advantages of dual-hull high-speed ferries include safety, balance, and high stability, minimizing motion sickness.

For these reasons, the dual-hull high-speed ferry is the preferred choice for passengers traveling to and from Phu Quy Island.

Port Information

Phu Quy Port: located in Tam Thanh, Phu Quy, Binh Thuan province, right in the center of Phu Quy Island district. This port serves as a hub for cargo ships, passenger ferries, and fishing vessels coming in and out of the port. Every day, Phu Quy Port welcomes thousands of tourists who come to explore the gem island of Binh Thuan.

Phan Thiet Port is situated in Duc Thang, near the Ca Ty River, approximately 2km from the city center of Phan Thiet. This is the docking point for high-speed passenger ferries traveling from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy. In addition, inside the Phan Thiet seaport, there are about 300 fishing boats regularly moored.

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