Information about Seat Classes on Trung Trac Phu Quy High-Speed Boat

Khoang ghế ECO tầng trên tàu cao tốc Trưng Trắc

The seat classes on Trung Trac Phu Quy high-speed boat are favored by many passengers due to their attractive prices and diverse amenities. Let’s explore the details about the seat classes on Trung Trac Phu Quy high-speed boat in the following article.

About the seat classes on Trung Trac Phu Quy high-speed boat

Trung Trac Phu Quy offers only two seat classes: Economy (ECO) and VIP, each with different prices and advantages for you to choose according to your preferences.

Economy (ECO) Seat Class

The ECO seat class is the most commonly chosen standard seat class on Trung Trac Phu Quy because:

  • It has a super attractive price of only 390,000 Vietnamese dong per trip.
  • It includes a free 15 kg checked baggage allowance.
  • Passengers can choose their preferred seating.
Economy (ECO) Seat Class

VIP Seat Class

The VIP seat class is a luxurious and highly convenient premium class. Choosing this seat class allows you to experience a comfortable journey at sea with numerous special amenities. VIP is one of the seat classes that receive many attractive exclusive privileges when traveling on a high-speed boat:

  • There are 30 separate seats with private compartments.
  • The seating position is private, comfortable, and offers various entertainment services.
  • It includes a free 15 kg checked baggage allowance.
VIP Seat Class

Tips for choosing the appropriate seat class on the high-speed boat

For first-time passengers traveling by sea, they may feel uncertain when choosing a seat class. Each seat class on the high-speed boat has its own characteristics, and you will have a better experience if you choose a seat position that suits you.

Passengers who want to experience a fully equipped journey

If you want to enjoy the best amenities and maximum comfort during the trip, the VIP seat class is definitely recommended. This seat class offers comfortable and premium seating, complimentary drinks, and attractive amenities. Therefore, the VIP class is suitable for special passengers such as pregnant women, elderly individuals, familie

Passengers who want to travel at an affordable price

s with small children, or those who wish to rest in a peaceful environment.

If you are prone to motion sickness, we always advise our passengers to choose the ECO class ticket on Trung Trac high-speed boat. Located on the lower deck, this floor is less affected by the rocking motion caused by the waves. It is best to choose an ECO seat in the middle of the boat and on the lower deck.

If you enjoy the scenic views of Phu Quy’s seas and skies and prefer a breezy atmosphere, then you should choose the upper deck ECO seats. This row of ECO seats allows you to sit directly on the deck. If you’re lucky and the weather is calm with a beautiful sea, you may even spot dolphins frolicking in the waters of Binh Thuan.

Does the information about the seat classes on Trung Trac Phu Quy boat answer all your questions? You can book your tickets through the official website or the nearest ticket agency to receive detailed advice on choosing the appropriate seat class.

Consulting hotline: 0889211234 – 0889271234

Ticket booking website:

Passengers Experience the Economy (ECO) Seats on Trung Trac Phu Quy High-Speed Boat
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