What are the benefits for local residents of Phu Quy when taking the Trung Trac Phu Quy ferry?

On May 19, 2023, Phu Quoc Express, a high-speed ferry company, officially launched the Trung Trac high-speed ferry on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy route. The ticket price for local residents in Phu Quy district was set at 370,000 VND per trip, which is 20,000 VND cheaper than the regular price of 390,000 VND per trip. In addition to the economic benefit of lower ticket prices, there are many other advantages.

Modern vessel, withstands up to level 8 waves

The Trung Trac ferry departs daily from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy around 7:30 AM and arrives at Phu Quy port for passenger drop-off and pick-up. The travel time for each journey is approximately 2 hours, faster than other high-speed ferries operating on the route.

Operating on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy sea route, the Trung Trac ferry is one of the three vessels in the “Côn Đảo Express 36” series. It is a dual-hull high-speed ferry with a length of 43.60m, width of 11.38m, and a capacity of up to 600 passengers. The vessel is built according to the QCVN54:2013/BGTVT National Standard for Classification and Construction of High-Speed Ships, Restriction Level I. Therefore, it provides a stable operation and spacious passenger space, ensuring comfort for both crew members and passengers, minimizing seasickness symptoms.

The maximum speed of the ferry reaches 35 nautical miles per hour (60 km/h), allowing it to travel from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy in just 2 hours (approximately 56 nautical miles from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy island). Moreover, the vessel is capable of withstanding up to level 8 waves.

Based on the local residents’ experience, the weather conditions from mid-August onwards become more complex, especially with strong winds from September to February of the following year. During the windy season, coastal areas and islands like Phu Quy often experience strong winds and large waves, which adversely affect various maritime activities. While most smaller high-speed ferries cannot operate in such conditions, the Trung Trac ferry, with its ability to handle level 8 winds and waves to some extent, can meet the transportation needs for commercial activities in Phu Quy.

More options for tourists

Since the post-Covid-19 period, the number of visitors to Phu Quy Island has continuously increased, with some days welcoming thousands of tourists. In 2022 alone, Phu Quy district received over 95,000 visitors. According to the approved plan, by 2025, Phu Quy Island is expected to welcome approximately 250,000 tourists. Additionally, there is a significant demand for travel due to education, work, and business activities from the 30,000 local residents.

To cater to the transportation needs of both local residents and tourists, there are several high-speed ferry companies operating on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy route, such as Phu Quy Express, Superdong, Chấn Kha Phu Quý, etc. However, each trip of these high-speed ferries can only accommodate about 300 passengers. During peak days, weekends, and holidays, additional continuous trips are required to transport passengers. Therefore, the participation of the Trung Trac high-speed ferry in passenger transportation from the shore to Phu Quy Island has significantly improved the flow of travel to.

The journey takes only about 2 hours, and the regular ticket price starts from 390,000 VND per passenger per trip, while the ticket price for elderly and children is only 310,000 VND per passenger per trip, and the VIP seat category starts from 580,000 VND per passenger per trip. Compared to other ferry companies that offer similar services, tourists will have the opportunity to travel on the largest dual-hull high-speed ferry in Vietnam in general and the largest one in Phu Quy in particular. With its large size and ability to withstand rough waves, passengers can feel completely at ease when traveling on the Trung Trac ferry.

Tàu cao tốc Trưng Trắc Phú Quý về đất liền

“With a capacity of about 598 passengers, the Trung Trac Phu Quy high-speed ferry will solve the problem of ticket scarcity and allow more passengers to travel to Phu Quy during peak periods. The increased number of tourists will stimulate the consumption of products and services on the island, as tourism is a local export industry,” said a representative from Tho Dia Phu Quy.

Bringing Phu Quy Island closer to the mainland

Part of the article has already covered the advantages and benefits of the Trung Trac high-speed ferry operating on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy passenger transport route. However, we would like to mention some additional benefits:

Improved connectivity between Phu Quy and the mainland: The Trung Trac Phu Quy high-speed ferry enhances the connection between Phu Quy Island and the mainland. Being the largest dual-hull high-speed ferry in Vietnam operating on a route with relatively complex waves and winds, it is expected to be a reliable and convenient means of transportation, facilitating the movement of residents and tourists.

Boosting island tourism in Phu Quy: Phu Quy Island is known for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and diverse marine biodiversity. The participation of the Trung Trac high-speed ferry, along with a network of nearly 1,000 agents including travel companies, tour operators, and high-speed ferry ticket agencies, will create an effective communication and destination marketing system, stimulating and attracting tourists to the island. This will contribute to the local economy and provide opportunities for residents to engage in tourism-related businesses.

Trade and supply: Not only the Trung Trac high-speed ferry, but other high-speed ferry companies and cargo vessels operating to Phu Quy Island have contributed to facilitating the transportation of goods and ensuring the supply of essential goods to the island. Local businesses and residents have easier access to markets and more efficient supply chains, ensuring a stable source of goods for the population.

In conclusion, borrowing the words of Mr. Bui The Nhan, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Binh Thuan province:

“Together with the Phan Thiet – Vinh Hao expressway for road transportation, the addition of a high-speed ferry to Phu Quy Island has significant importance in the development of local tourism. With the existence of the expressway for road transportation and the high-speed ferry for water transportation, it will better serve passengers when they come to Binh Thuan.”

“The operation of the Trung Trac high-speed ferry on the Phan Thiet – Phu Quy route has great significance for the tourism industry of the province, ensuring waterway transportation and meeting the efficient and safe travel and experience needs of tourists from the shore to the island,” emphasized Mr. Nhan.

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